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SINO Communications network analysts are highly qualified to consult, install, repair, and maintain networking systems for small and medium sized businesses, as well as residential.


biz_seo | Consulting Services

With years of experience, we can help guide you to getting the proper service that you need for your network. Whether you are looking at getting a new server for your store, or a cloud system for your office, talking to an expert can help you make the right decision. Contact us at

biz_seo | Cabling Services

Get your business wired up. We can pre-wire a new building, or run a new line for an existing one. We work with all types cabling, including: Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, RG-6, and fiber optics.

Cloud Systems
biz_seo | Cloud Services

With the efficiency of cloud networking, we can help you get you networking needs moved online. This includes websites, databases, file backups, email servers, and apps.

VOIP Phones
biz_seo | VOIP Services

VOIP phones are now common place in businesses. SINO can help you both install and repair your current VOIP phone service, as well as educate you on how to get the most out of your VOIP.

Video Surveillance
biz_seo | Security Camera Services

Keeping an eye on your business can be easy with a high quality video surveillance system. SINO can install cameras in vital areas, and show you how you can manage your store, office or home in a variety of ways, including off your cellphone.

Network Cabinets
biz_seo | Network Cabinet Services

SINO's network technicians can maintain your businesses network cabinets. SINO can install a new cabinet and equipment, upgrade an existing system, and maintain a system. SINO can dress up messy cabling, and label existing cables for ease of management. Working with your company's NOC (network operation center), SINO is a great on-site eyes and hands to get problems resolved.

biz_seo | WiFi Services

Having a function WiFi that is set up correctly can be a real boost for a store or office. SINO can set up a WiFi at your location, or help repair a WiFi that has dead spots.

Cash Machines
biz_seo | Cash Machine Services

SINO Communication's can install and maintain your POS (point of sale) terminals, and help keep your data secure. We can provide training to you and your cashier managers, to make sure you know how to quickly train your cashiers on how to use your POS system.

SINO Communications is here to provide only the best in Communication Services to London and the South-West Ontario region. Our multi-specialist technical support team is here to support your business with emergency service, upgrades, installation and more! Call us today at 519-666-3808 to discuss pricing.